The Virgin – 4

He turned back to the virgin with his best smile. She looked at him wide-eyed which made her deliciously innocent. He started to walk toward her but she spun on her heels and strode toward the lady’s room. How cute of her to lose her composure because of him! He could definitely allow her to powder her nose and put some lipstick back on before he engaged the full seduction mode.
She pushed the door and glanced at him over her shoulder. He smiled and winked. She hurried out of his sight. He shivered; shyness always turned him on. He laid against the wall next to the door. He would be right there, waiting for her when she came out. This would be an easy catch and he would kill his wife before she could get her claws into half this soul.
Minutes passed. A brunette went in then came out and scanned him head to toe. She wasn’t his type: she had already known the thrusts of a man.
“I’ve never seen you in school. Are you someone’s date?” She asked while fluttering her lashes.
“Yes. I’m waiting for her to get out of the bathroom.” He answered with a tenor voice.
“You should dance with me then because there is no one in there.” She smiled and outstretched her arm. He frowned and pushed the door. The brunette grunted with indignation but settled on walking away to gossip about the hunk in the girl’s toilet.
He pushed each stall’s door open. All empty. He looked around and noticed that the window was open and sighed. Did she really need to be that shy?
He closed his eyes and concentrated. He had touched her, he could track her. Front lawn, walking quickly toward the street. Cinderella was heading home and looking awkward while doing it. She apparently didn’t wear high-heels too often. As she threatened to fall, he zipped through space and caught her by an elbow with a charming smile. Being there just at the right time always had the best effect on girls.
“It’s the second time you nearly trip in my presence. I’m flattered.” He expected blushing and gibberish as an answer. Instead, she laid a hand over his and a jolt of pain went through his arm. He drew back in surprise and she manoeuvred the thing in her hand so it would face him. A crucifix? How much of a psycho catholic was that virgin? This could up her value.
“I think we got out on the wrong foot. I’m Peter.” He extended his right hand. She snickered.
“Like hell, you’re wearing one of the apostles’ name. You probably couldn’t even survive baptism.”
“Now that’s not a very nice way to great a fellow student! I mean you no harm.”
“Perfect then. Walk back in there and leave me alone.” She was shaking like a leaf. Poor thing.
“You look scared. Has one of the guys hurt you?”
 “Yes. That’s why I’m grabbing a cab home.” She sounded off a little bit. He wondered if she was lying. Anyways, he wasn’t going to let her go and ruin his hunt. Time to switch to more advanced seduction techniques; he pumped pheromones toward her.
“None of your crap can make me forget you look like my English and history teachers’ inbred child’s ass with warts on top.”
“Beg your pardon?”
“Cut the pheromone. You can’t have me.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You can’t have my soul unless we have consensual sex and you’re way too disgusting to win me over. Let’s not waste each others’ time. Find yourself another virgin.”
Truth finally dawned on him. She wasn’t shy and devoted, she knew what he was. How was that possible? How much value did it have?
“I pretty sure I can fence you to another type of demon for a good amount of souls though. A demon who won’t need your consent.”
“There is no such thing.” She sounded sure but had taken a step back nonetheless.
“The weepy human thinks she knows everything, doesn’t she?” She had indeed started to cry out her fear. “I just have to signal your position to a bounty hunter. He will wait for the next time the angels declare open season and snatch you as soon as you’re fair game. Some of them are real beasts, you know. I’m not that bad… most of the time.”
He walked toward her as he spoke and she matched each of his steps by going backward. When he flashed his red eyes, she started to run, leaving her sandals behind. He laughed as she went. Running without shoes in the gravel really wasn’t a brilliant idea.
He teleported by her side and grabbed both of her arms. He squeezed enough to cut the blood flow in her left arm until her hand slackened and the crucifix fell. She yelped.
“You can’t take my soul. I am not consenting. You have no claim on me.”
“Right and wrong. I can’t have your soul. We don’t frequently do it because it’s tiresome and messy but I can take the whole package.” As an incubus, he couldn’t do a thing to her soul. And any bounty hunter would have to wait for hunting season. What he could do was keep her home and offer her up on a silver platter later.
Wasn’t that a hell of a plan!

(Originally posted on the Writeaholic’s Blog)

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