The Virgin – 5

Your feet thumped hell’s ground when you folded your wings. Red and black dirt already blotched your white pants’ hem. You should definitely have changed before coming down here. A Seventh Heaven tailor-made suit was way too dressed up for the occasion. Your garrison’s leader should lose his aureola for commanding you to go now and, indirectly, to ruin such a nice ensemble.
You grunted your annoyance at the fume of sufferings menacing you. It drew back instantaneously. Only intense suffering would try to choke a pissed off angel. And an angel in hell was a pissed angel, whatever the situation.
You hated this detail. Demons’ domicile visits really weren’t up to par with your skills. It was a rookie’s errand but the powers that be forced it upon you for using God’s name in vain. They weren’t kidding with such an offense. If only you weren’t stationed on Earth so long, you never would have made it a habit.
You shot at a rock with the tip of your nearly indestructible, but now sullen, naked foot. You were a little too swift and a little too harsh; the rock flew away and left a cloud of dust in its wake. You coughed until your eyes watered. The dust settled and the air cleared. Great, now you looked dim and dumb.
You brushed off as much of the dust as you could and made sure none had stuck to your face. You drove a hand through your silver curls to set them back in place. Shoulders squared, you made your way toward the cave the demons couple called a house.
You knew that couple. They were kind of famous as much for their glory days as for their downfall. When they snatched thousands of souls a year, they were a threat. Now that they killed demons, they were a treat. The universe always had a way to find its balance.
The couple was bickering. Something about killing someone and being done with it. Yeah, what else is new? Love and blood bound had been a fad in the demon ranks. They were unable of real love. Now, blood bound counselling was the new black. Demons loved black.
You knocked with one finger. After the rock and dust fiasco, you didn’t dare to use your fist on that flimsy door. You didn’t trust your usual restraint.
“We’re busy” answered a breathless succubus voice, tone as unpleasant as demonly possible.
“Like I care. Angel police, open the door.”
Something hard collided with someone’s face with biblical strength, if you believed your ears. You swung out of the way a fraction of second before the incubus smashed the door off its hinges on his way out of the grotto. He landed on his back and slid a few feet. The sound of breaking wings sent a shiver down your spine.
You hovered over the scene, miraculously escaping another dust cloud. Maybe your white suit wasn’t doomed after all.
“I told you it was a god given idea!” The succubus bellowed, stomping pass the hanging door. She was about to take another swing at her husband. You landed, stepped in and grabbed the wooden plank she held.
She stopped and looked at you with surprised eyes. Then, realizing how far from proper etiquette she had strayed, she let go of her weapon and curtsied. Her husband slowly picked himself off the ground and moved to stand by her side. You laughed internally; demons… always attempting to look united in front of the big bad angels. Always failing as well.
“I am here because you broke the law tonight. Are you aware of that?”
“See, I told you bringing the girl home was borderline illegal!”
“No you didn’t!”
“What girl?”
They both looked at you, bewildered. How dumb could they be? They broke one of the only laws applying to angels and demons alike. Pretty obvious which one, you thought.
“Me” answered a voice inside the house. You walked past the demons and into their cave. The place looked like Egypt after the plagues. In the middle of the splinters’ deluge, a human girl in an ugly dress was strapped to a chair. She was kind of pretty and dusty but overall unharmed and alone.
You turned around to face the demons on the threshold.
“That’s actually legal. You only get a fine if you have more than one or if you harm her outside hunting season.”
The incubus gave his wife a smug smile. Behind you, you heard the girl strain in an attempt of doing whatever a captive human might want to do.
“I’m here because you discussed angelic laws in front of humans outside of your realm.”
The demons’ jaw dropped.
“We didn’t” they choired. Wow, they actually could agree on something.
“Zero eleven hundred and twenty-six hour, bench in front of the Delawney High School: you held a discussion about the virgin snatching legal age.”
“We did but there was no witness. I swear to Satan!” The succubus sounded like she had enough trouble already.
“There were kids making out in the bush. None of them virgin so I guess they slipped under your radars. They heard every thing.”
They stood aghast.
“I’ll have her as payment for your fine” you concluded, pointing behind you.

(Originally posted on the Writeaholic’s Blog)

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