The Virgin

She sat on the front lawn’ bench in her red satin dress. Her black hair was up with only a few strands curling freely on her nape, giving the length of her neck a sensual touch. Her alabaster skin stood out in the moonlight.
“Hey there beautiful,” he said with a deep and sexy voice as he approached. “Shouldn’t you be scared of the things that go bump in the night?”
“Things like you, you mean?” What a lame pick up line. She gave him a scan. He wore a black suit and looked pretty good while doing it. He laughed.
“And what would make you think that?” Apparently, he wasn’t getting it. He thought she was one of the high school girls all dressed up for prom and was trying to work his charm. She turned off her disguise spell.
“Oh, it’s you.” He was disappointed.
“You incubi were always lazy when it comes to costumes.”
He sat by her side and offered her a cigarette.
“No, thanks.” She flicked her hand to emphasize the refusal. “There’s enough smoke in hell for me to avoid getting more into my lungs while I’m up here. But you know that.”
“Just trying to be gallant. But you’re right: I should know better.” He lit up his smoke. An uncomfortable silence grew between them. She broke it first.
“So what are you doing here?”
“Hunting for a virgin. You?”
He pulled on his cigarette, annoyed by her presence. She stared at the horizon, convinced he had followed her here. The music from the prom in the building behind them filled the silence, oblivious of the unfolding drama. Awkward.
“So, you found one?” He fished.
“Yop! You?”
“Which one’s yours? Just so we don’t play in each other’s field.”
“The one in the dress that probably belonged to her mom.”
She glared at him.
“Sorry boy, that one’s mine.”
“She’s straight. She’s mine.”
“Come on! You know I can get people to play for any team I want. And I was here first.”
“In the timeline, may be but I’m way ahead of you on the seduction front. Ever heard of fashionably late?”
“Bullshit. She is mine. Find yourself another prey.”
“What’s her name?”
“I beg your pardon?”
“Her name is Samantha but she’d rather be called Sam.”
“See? She prefers to be called a guy’s name. Definitely mine.”
“You are so cliché!” He pulled on his cigarette again. Better turn the conversation back to calmer waters.
“Aren’t you glad the angels lowered the legal age?”
“Of course. They might have to do it again. At the rate you all are thinning the herd, we’ll have to snatch them in kindergarten.”
“I was trying to be nice here, luv. Where’s that coming from?”
“Don’t call me that. And no offense but incubi start scouting really early. You get in the corral too soon and taint them all with your pheromones. Next thing you know, finding a virgin of at least 16 years-old is looking for a snowflake back home.”
“Hey! We’re not the one who got the angels to police us in the first place! If Lilith hadn’t pissed off Adam, we could grab virgins whenever we want!”
It was her turn to take a pause, frustrated but speechless… for a moment at least.
“Look! You want to be gallant? You’ll let me have this virgin. And if we ever get in this situation again, I’ll let you have the next one.”
“Not going to happen, luv.”
“I said don’t call me that!” She growled. They were face-to-face, barely an inch from each other. He growled back. They hold their tense poise for a second then, on a common yet silent accord, relaxed back to their place.
“Ok. The counsellor said we should try to resolve these situations with rational arguments. I know succubi tend to be emotional but try to rein it in.”
She glowered at him but remained silent.
“I concede to you that sexual orientation is hardly a strong argument nor is the time of arrival. So how are we going to settle this?”
She breathed slowly, deeply in thought. He took a last puff of smoke and put out the rest of his cigarette.
“We’ll test her responsiveness.” She proposed.
“I’m listening.”
“We’ll crank up the heat and each make a pass at her. No talking. No real flirting. Just one arm brushing another.”
“And whoever gets the biggest reaction takes the cake.”
“How do we up the heat?”
She stood and led him to the ballroom. He waited by the dance floor while she swung her hips toward the deejay. No reasonable one would put a tango at a prom but then, no teenager who would ask had a body like hers. The deejay nodded with a drooling smile and changed the disk.
When the music started, every kid froze. The succubus spun on her heels with the beat and took a suggestive stance. Her partner walked to her and grabbed her waist. They started dancing. After the first bar, every one was looking at them, entranced. They were sensual. They were sexy. They were intense. They were also demons pumping loads of pheromones in the air.
They danced in perfect symbiosis, their bodies singing a duet of flesh as they drew close, moved back, twirled and teased. When the music stopped, every spectator was sweating and panting. The dancers weren’t really, but faking it was part of the play when they were up here.
“Ladies first,” he murmured in her ear. She disengaged smoothly from his arms and walked over to the refreshment table, where the only virgin in the room was standing in her ugly old-fashioned dress. The succubus reached for a glass and brushed the victim’s arm in the process. Goose bump and a shiver responded.
The succubus walked back to her competitor with a smug smile then subtly motioned toward the girl. The incubus mimicked his predecessor to the letter and…
As he brushed past her, the virgin’s knee weakened dramatically. He had to catch her and set her straight, gracing her with a charming smile and faked “genuine care”. Once she could stand by herself, the incubus walked back to the demon in red satin.
“It’s ok. You can have her.” She said calmly.
“It’s a fair win, luv.”
She stiffened but quickly restored her composure.
“You are absolutely right. You have a good night.”
“You’re heading home already?”
“Yes. I’ll take the rest of my shift off. I can afford it.”
“You sure?”
“Yes! Go ahead and work your ass off to grab this soul. You deserve it. And tomorrow, I’ll file for divorce and end up owning half of it anyways.”
She disappeared in a red fume that no human noticed.

(Originally posted on the Writeaholic’s Blog)

  1. Marsha
    February 19, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Oh how funny that she was his wife! really good dialog Aheila. I wish I was better at that.

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