Tiffany’s Birthday Story

Tiffany’s Birthday Story
“Okay, so we’re all in agreement then?” Tiffany turned to look at each of participant in turn. “We run from here, down the beach & out to where our boats are anchored.” Putting her hand over her eyes to cut the glare, she looked out to her boat. “The race is out around the breakwall & back to where we started. The first one to anchor their boat & get back across the line wins.”
Tony clapped Phil on the back and sneered at Tiff & Jenn. “You guys are so done. We’ve got this in the bag, right Phil?”
Rubbing his hands together, Phil laughed, “Let’s get this show on the road! Or rather water.”
Tiffany & Jenn shared a look that said boys and their toys. Rolling her eyes, Jenn said, “All’s fair boys. Just remember, the first team back gets to pick their lobsters first.”
All four turned to look where the rest of the Nasties where lounging on the beach & placing bets on who would win. Marsha stood up dusting her hands off on her shorts. “You all ready to go?” she queried as she strode towards them.
“You betcha!” Phil shouted. “No one’s going to beat me on my home turf!”
The girls calmly took off their tanks & shorts & pulled their hair up. “Don’t forget your life jackets!” Alyssa shouted from where she lay on her towel. “I’m don’t want to come have to rescue anyone.”
All four of them waved at her.
Kylie bounded up to Marsha and drew the starting line in the sand. “There you go, Marsha. I’m off to sit with Aheila while she tapes this madness. You go girls! I’m betting on ya!” Kylie took off after high fiving the ladies.
“Sorry ladies,” Suzi called from where she was building a sand castle with the tot, “but I gotta give this to the guys. Phil’s been telling us about how he knows that boat inside and out.”
Mud waved as she followed the dogs down the beach, “Good luck all! Phil, I’m taking your puppy & my dogs for a walk while you all are being insane.”
“Okay Mud, just don’t let her roll in any fish heads please,” Phil called out. Turning back to the rest, he muttered, “She did that last time & it took me a week to get the smell out.”
“Right, let’s get this started,” Marsha stated in a firm voice. After making sure that everyone was ready to go, including life jackets, she pulled her whistle out of her pocket. With a twinkle in her eye said, “Line up. On your mark, get set, GO!”
“And they’re off!” Kylie shouted. She was doing the commentating for the video that Aheila was taking. “The girls have the lead getting into the water. Tony is doing the backstroke for some odd reason. Oh! Phil just splashed him and laughed. Yup, over you go, Tony! Look at that! The girls are already climbing onto their boat!” Cupping her hands around her mouth, Kylie yelled “You better hurry up boys, the girls are way ahead of you now!”
“Kyls, please don’t yell that close to the mic,” Aheila said. “Plus I’m gonna be deaf!” she laughed.
“Oh! Sorry, Aheila!” Kylie bounced as she watched the guys climb onto their ride. “The girls have their anchor up but the guys are starting to catch up! And they’re neck & neck for the first time. The guys are the first ones to catch the wind and start off counter clockwise. And there go the girls, clockwise. Well, I guess that makes sense, less fighting for wind huh?”
Alyssa came down to the waters edge where Kylie & Aheila were. “Anyone for a bottle of water?” she said offering them up.
“Thanks, Alyss” Aheila murmured as she took the water. “This is going to turn out great! I’ll make everyone a copy.”
“And, they’ve made it to the break wall. I think they boys are still slightly ahead. Yup, they are! Come on girls! You can do it! And there they go, passing each other. Oh, Phil! No fair stealing the wind!” Kylie shouted. “Opps, sorry Aheila! I’ll try to keep it down.”
“No worries, Kyls, I’ll just have to get the volume adjusted.” She said. “Keep going, they’re almost clearing the break wall!”
“Yup! And the boys are still ahead. The girls are really going to have to make up some time here. Suzi,” Kylie called. “You guys gonna come watch the end of this?”
The tot’s head shot up & she yelled back, “We’re coming! Race ya, mom!” As she ran by Marsha, she squealed as Marsha’s hands shot out to catch her. All 3 of them raced for the water.
Mud called from down the beach, “We’re coming!” The dogs started to bark and ran ahead to just beat Mud to the group.
“Holy crap! Check out the girls! Jenn’s flying hull! They’re gaining on the boys! And they don’t see it. This is gonna be close! The girls just took the lead! Whoop! Jenn’s unclipping & Tiff has the anchor ready to drop. And the girls are back in the water! Here come the boys! Man, Phil really can swim quick. But he’s gotta wait for Tony to cross the line right?”
“Yes, they have to cross the line together,” Marsha confirmed.
“Come on boys!” Aheila called. “I bet on you! Move your buns, Tony!”
Marsha jogged back up to the finish line as the four started to climb out of the water. Tiffany grabbed Jenn’s hand to pull her along while Phil called encouragement to Tony, “Dude! You can do it! Come on! We can’t let the girls win now!”
Tony gained his feet & the guys raced after the girls. Just as the girls were about to cross the line, Tony’s puppy decided to enter the race & ran right in front of them. Jenn tripped & pulled Tiff down with her. The boys breezed right by them.
“Sorry ladies! But we win!” Tony crowed. The boys high fived each other.
“I hate to say it, Tone, but I think we have to give it to the girls since it was my dog that cost them the race.” Phil said.
The rest of the Nasties agreed with that.
As the sun set, they Nasties, sat down with their lobster dinner.
The End.

  1. Kylie Ru
    June 21, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    That was some major awesomesauce, right there! And I would be commentating and gettting so caught up in it that I would forget and yell. Okay, that was an awkward sentence. xD

    • Jenn
      June 23, 2010 at 9:29 am

      I’m glad you liked the story & how I portrayed you!

  2. June 20, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Aheila was yelling at me to move my buns!? I guess it’s only fair since I cast her as an exotic dancer once. 😉 Great Job!

    • Jenn
      June 23, 2010 at 9:30 am

      Aw, thanks! I’m going to try to get my other stories up on here when I can. But if you have one of mine, please feel free to add it!

  3. Phil
    June 19, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Whaddya mean we have to give the win to the girls? I would never say that! All’s fair you know. 😉
    Nice one, Jenn! But my puppy doesn’t roll around in fish heads and she doesn’t go in the water, lol.

    • Jenn
      June 23, 2010 at 9:31 am

      lol…just a bit of artistic imagining! Our dog used to do that *shudder* it was always a pain to get the stink out!

  4. June 19, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Thanks Jenn! That was so fun! You put together the ingredients for the perfect day right here. 🙂 Super close race! We’ll have to have a rematch some day ;-).

    • Jenn
      June 23, 2010 at 9:32 am

      Hopefully for real the next time!

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