It was at least three hours before dawn when a man in an unusual looking crushed velvet green frock coat peered into a window through wire rimmed spectacles with smoked lenses. “I know this is the place she leaves this world from” he thought out loud “I traced her energy back here. R/A Club? What in the Turn can that be?”

Lifting a window he had one leg through the opening when a deep throated growl behind him startled him so badly he jumped and hit his head. “I’ll make tea out of your eyeballs and serve it to Newt” he shouted as he turned angry red, goat slitted eyes on the creature who had snuck up on him.

“Huh” the sound coming out more like a bark, “I just knew you were a shifty, evil tempered, woman battering, slave trading, soul sucking bastard!”

Mouth falling open in surprise, Al stared at a short, blond haired, blue eyed wolf wearing of all things a bathrobe! She, it sounded like a she, was staring at him with hands on hips, ears folded down like an angry cat, and fluffy tail wagging in agitation. “Yes, well thank you. I am a demon, that is what we do. I happen to do it better than anyone else” he said with pride. “Nice tail by the way.”

Ears perking up, the wolf actually smiled. Curling the long furry tail around her she said “ Yes, it is a lovely tail isn’t it? I always wanted one” Then remembering to be angry she said “Don’t you try to sweet talk me, you devil, I’m too old to fall for that. You’re sneaking around here to nab our little Kylie”

“Sneaking around? I’m a demon we do not sneak. It’s four in the morning, what exactly are you doing here, and how do you know the Ninja?” Al drawled in his superior tone.

“Well who do you think gave me the tail? I happen to be a building manager. We have to get up early. We just knew you’d come looking to grab our Ninja, so we’ve been taking turns watching for you. Tonight is my turn” The wolf snarled, showing wicked teeth. “Oh my. Did that come out of me?” she asked with wide eyes.

“Yes it certainly did. How rude!” Al said indignantly.

“Oh for heaven’s sake! I found you sneaking in to steal one of our Nasties. You deserve much more.” The wolf said.

“I’ll have you know I did not come to steal anyone Madam.” The haughty demon drawled.

“Well you are not exactly sight-seeing now are you? Just why are you here if not to nab the ninja?” the wolf inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Instantly several cards appeared in Al’s hand. “Why I’ve come to invite all of the. Um. “NaSties” to a birthday party!

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